The Novelty-Searching Workstation of Shanghai Maritime University

Author:荣达Release Time:2020-12-15View:1234

The novelty-searching workstation of Shanghai Maritime University was prepared for the construction of SIMIC project since 2005 and submitted the application to the Science and Technology Development Center of the Ministry of Education in September of 2008. It stood out from the 57 rival universities and got the permission from the Ministry of Education as the 4th group of qualified science and engineering universities to be authorized with the ministerial novelty-searching workstation (permission number: G12, refer to 3rd document of the Ministry of Education in 2009 ) ,which can boast itself as the first university not only among all the Shanghai Universities but also among the universities majoring in maritime and logistics industry in China. The workstation may provide professional novelty-searching, technology consulting and SDI trace retrieval services for schools, government, enterprises and institutions, and afford our clients with nationally legal and authorized Novelty Retrieval Report.

The workstation G12 is supported by the Shanghai maritime university library, which is in possession of more than 200 kinds of electronic resources databases concerning maritime, logistics and marine engineering, 2 300 kinds of newspapers and periodicals both from home and abroad, and acquires approximately 3.7 million books. It also possesses of three unique kinds of marine literature and information cluster, and Asia's leading English digital resources with maritime, logistics and marine engineering subject. The staff composes of more than 20 people with ports, shipping, logistics and other related disciplines background, 85% of our team have a master degree or above, all novelty-searching personnel owned qualification certificate in authoritative organization. In addition, 4 people owned the qualification certificate of novelty-searching reviewing work. Novelty-searching services is extended to the whole country (including 24 provinces in mainland China and Hong Kong).

Novelty-searching service mainly focuses on project declaration, appraisal and award for Shanghai Maritime University, which plays an important role in increasing the number of NSF and patent applications. Meanwhile, the workstation G12 plays a unique role in the science and technology innovation project of shipping, logistics and marine industry. It is authorized as the unique novelty-searching agency for China Society of Logistics. In July 2010, we signed the framework agreement on strategic cooperation of science and technology information with ZPMC. The international standard of RFID container tag system (ISO18186:2011), which is the first international public specification proposed and formulated by Chinese experts in the areas of transport and internet of things, was reviewed by our novelty-searching staff. These achievements listed above are inseparable from our novelty-searching service. The workstation has been widely recognized among thecollege personnel and marine industry.

The workstation is dedicated to providing the marine industry with better service. Our goal is to forge a Novelty-searching brand with distinctive feature of marine industry.