Health insurance

All international students studying at Shanghai Maritime University are advised to have valid medical insurance for the duration of their stay in China. International students who have purchased international insurance in their own country should bring copies of relevant documents to the IEC when registering. SMU will offer insurance for international degree students who do not have international insurance from their home country. In case of unexpected illness, those students should call the number on the insurance card and the staff of the insurance company will guide medical treatments and insurance claims. For policy details, please check the website of the insurance company at



You can see doctors at the university hospital with your campus card. If you have to go to a bigger hospital, you should go to public hospitals such as Shanghai 6th People’s Hospital, Shanghai East Hospital, Shanghai Renji Hospital and Shanghai Xinhua Hospital. Do not go to private hospitals. If you are treated in private hospital, your insurance claims will be refused by the insurance company. In case of any emergencies, contact the relevant teachers at SMU.

Recommeded hosipitals from the insurance company, please check: