Generally speaking, Shanghai is a city with very good public order and security. All the same, when you are new to a country it pays to keep your wits about you to make sure you stay safe and avoid risks. Meanwhile, you need to make sure you stay on the right side of the law and always keep on your best behaviour to ensure your time here goes smoothly.


»» For your own safety, if you live alone in your apartment off-campus, be very careful about who you let into your apartment. If somebody claims that he/she is coming to collect fees for water, electric, gas etc, please do check the identification of the person and call the property management or the landlord to confirm. Some criminals pretend to be staff with false identification to steal money from foreigners. There have been reports of this happening to international


»»Do not count money or valuables in public places, especially crowded areas such as buses and subways. This easily attracts the attention of thieves. Do not hang valuable devices such as mobile phones or mp3 players around your neck, as someone may try to snatch them. Keep on the alert for suspicious characters and watch out for attempted theft.

»»Update your address and telephone number at SMU when you change it and give your family the contact details of the relevant teachers from the university. Remind your family and friends that if they cannot get in touch with you, they can try to contact your teachers. Normally, if any student has an emergency, the university will be informed by the police or hospital at the first opportunity. As soon as the university has been informed, staff will be sent to assist and they will inform the embassy to contact your family.

Fire prevention

The following items are strictly forbidden in student dormitories: items that burn with an open flame, such as candles, gas stoves, kerosene stoves, etc.; high-power electric heating equipment; combustibles and explosives. Be especially careful when using fire, gas and electric heating equipment in apartments off-campus. Do not smoke in bed, and do not burn candles or incense near mosquito nets or curtains.


Drink alcohol only in moderation. Drinking excessive alcohol is seriously harmful to your health and getting drunk can easily lead to accidental injury, altercations, violent incidents, or sexual assault.