To be eligible for any programs, students must:

● Have graduated from high school;

● Be between the ages of 18 and 25 years;

Be in good health;

● TOEFL 80 or IELTS 6.0 (or above); Native English speakers and applicants whose previous high school diploma was taken in English are exempted from the language requirement.



The duration of all courses is 4 years.


Program Descriptions: 

Marine Navigation 

Aim: The objective of this course is to train students in navigation technology in order to enable them to meet the required national and international standards for seafarer competency. Students will work on modern ship navigation and management so they will be able to navigate the world’s waterways.


Related courses:
● GMDSS equipment;
● Ship management;
● Modern electronic navigation systems;
● Seafarer psychology;
● Ship-borne navigational aids;
● Marine signals and radio telephony;
● Ship cargo handling;
● Navigation ; 
● Marine meteorology and oceanography;
● Ships collision avoidance and watchkeeping.


Mechatronics Engineering
Aim: This program takes students through the study and application of multidisciplinary principles from mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, systems engineering, control engineering, telecommunication and computer engineering in order to gain advanced technical and management skills to be found in a wide range of industries. 

Related courses:
● Fundamentals of computer;
● Descriptive geometry and mechanical drawing;
● Electrical technology;
● Dynamics of port machinery;
● Fundamentals of manufacturing;
● Safety systems engineering;
● Sensor and testing techniques;
● Simulation of control system;
● Design of microcomputer applications;
● Numerical Analysis.


Environmental Engineering

Aim: The objective of this course is to familiarize students with basic theoretical knowledge of environmental science and engineering in order that they may develop into technical or management experts in maritime or related fields.

Related courses:
● Principles of environmental engineering experimentation;
● Environmental monitoring technology;
● Hazardous material management;
● Pollution prevention technology for ships and ports;
● Marine resource management.



Applicants for English taught undergraduate programs can only apply for Shanghai Government Scholarship (SGS). Please refer to the website link below for more details.

Shanghai Goverment Scholarship (SGS)

Application requirements:
For application requirements please click here.


● All applicant are to make sure that Shanghai Maritime University application form and/ or scholarship (CGS or SGS) form are signed before mailing it to the address below.

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