Magazines Press
The Shanghai Maritime University Magazines Press is an operating department directly subordinate to the university. It is persistently working towards the goal of building a teaching and research university, and geared to the needs of the international & domestic shipping market. The department focuses on the shipping economy, technology, information and management and has an emphasis on theory, scientificity, guidance and practicality. It edits & publishes such national and internationally published journals as the Journal of Shanghai Maritime University, Shipping Management, Containerization and Computer Aided Engineering. It consists of 32 full-time and part-time editing staff, 16 of these hold senior professional posts and 10 hold mid-level professional positions. Full time staff includes one senior editor, two associate senior editors, one doctor and two masters. 

The Shanghai Maritime University Magazines Press insists on strengthening standards management, thus continuously improving the quality of journal editing and publishing. The Journal of Shanghai Maritime University is the Chinese core journal for the whole country; the Chinese Science & Technology core journal is an excellent journal of Shanghai Municipal colleges; Computer Aided Engineering is the Chinese Science & Technology core journal; Shipping Management is the excellent Science & Technology journal of the Ministry of Transport of the PRC.

Journal of Shanghai Maritime University
The Journal of Shanghai Maritime University is the Chinese core journal focused on Chinese Science & Technology of water transport. It is hosted by Shanghai Maritime University and makes use of China’s publishing standard serial numbering; it is published at home and abroad, mainly publishing the latest scientific achievements in such aspects as port engineering & management, marine technology & ship safety, marine engineering & port machinery, electrical engineering and automation, logistics engineering and management, information engineering, traffic economy, maritime rules and regulations, maritime foreign language and basic science. We welcome all teachers, students and relevant researchers to contribute and subscribe.

Shipping Management
The Shipping Management (monthly) is the professional journal of shipping management approved by the General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP) of the PRC and is hosted by Shanghai Maritime University. This journal was initiated in 1979, with 40 pages in each issue and is published at home and abroad, mainly publishing the academic papers of original innovation, as well as those exemplifying comprehensiveness and theory in the shipping management field. With management as the characteristic, the Shipping Management Journal plays a part in theoretical direction, policy study, experience exchange and information transfer for shipping management, with the characteristics of strong guiding practicality and readability and with a good reputation in business circles, theory development circles and academic circles in China. It has been selected as the Chinese core journal of nationwide water transport and the source journal of the national torch plan project database and it has been rated as excellent science & technology journal of the Ministry of Transport of the PRC. For promoting academic research and communication, we sincerely welcome you to actively contribute and subscribe to this journal.

Computer Aided Engineering
Hosted by Shanghai Maritime University and initiated in 1992, the Computer Aided Engineering journal is a comprehensive science & technology journal reflecting all industries and academic circles on such scientific achievements and the application of computer technology as CAD, CAM, and CAE. This journal is the Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers (Chinese science & technology core journal); China info – digitized journal with full text available on the internet with full text included in such databases as CNKI, Chinese Science Abstracts (CD-ROM), China Science and Technology Journal Database and Chinese Electronic Periodical Services (CEPS) database. It is published at home and abroad, mainly publishing the new theory and new technology of CAD/CAM/CAE and their application; the new theory and new technology of such computer sciences as Software Engineering, Computer Graphics, Database Management and Design, Computer Networking and Communication, Artificial Intelligence, multi-media, operating systems and command & simulation. It covers the information management technology of manufacturing, logistics engineering and transportation engineering and their application; as well as the new theory and technology of systems science, applied mathematics and computational mechanics and their application.

Since its initial issue in 1990, with the rapid development over the last ten years of China’s container transport industry and especially with the concern and support of such industries undertaking container transport services such as navigation, port, freight, shipping, logistics and the container industry and domestic & foreign trade; Containerization has started covering larger numbers of enterprises, companies, units, departments and individuals involved in the field of container transport in its issuance.
In 2008, under the guidance of the editorial board and for meeting readers’ requirements, the Containerization journal started paying more attention to the business expansion of the container industry, in response to industry requirements it increased its content and number of columns and obtained new achievements, becoming the mentor of an extensive number of readers. Meanwhile, under the support of China Ports Association Container Branch and Shanghai Shipping Exchange, the Containerization journal increased its contents in such areas as the reporting of container terminal throughput and container transport market monthly surveys, it also added a column coving interviews with high level individuals in the industry.