International Students Dormitory (Building No. 62)

The International Students Dormitory is exclusively for international students at Shanghai Maritime University. Each room is equipped with a bathroom, an air-conditioner, Internet access, a refrigerator and a closet. If you need a room in an international student dormitory, you should reserve it when applying for your study program. If you are a degree program student, you should save your accommodation fee on your bank card at the start of each semester, and the school will make a one-time deduction on a designated date.

Accommodation fees (Lingang Campus)

Type Room rate (RMB) Beds available

Suite (single rooms) 40 / day / bed 6000 / semester

Single suite(bunk bed) 30 / day / bed 4500 / semester

Double suite(bunk bed) 20 / day / bed 3000 / semester


SMU provides you with some energy credits for free at the start of each semester. When they are used up, you will be asked to pay the extra. You can charge electricity with your student card at the multi-media charging machine in room B104 of your dorm. Fees for gas and water are payable at reception. If you need help with charging your card, please come to reception.

Water (3 yuan/ton): 5 tons per student per month for free

Electricity (0.636 yuan/kw): 70 kw per room per month for free

Gas (2.5 yuan/meter): 8 meters per student per month for free

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