Shanghai International Shipping Institute

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As a crucial link in Shanghai Maritime University’s dedication to State Key Disciplines development, Shanghai International Shipping Institute (SISI) is a shipping and port consultancy contributing as government’s maritime policy think tank and industry players’ decision making advisor to Shanghai’s rise as an international maritime capital. SISI ushered in a new round of development in January 2012 as Shanghai University Knowledge Service Platform.

According to the Memorandum on Intensified Cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and Shanghai Municipal Government in Accelerating Development of Shanghai International Shipping Center, the two contracting parties shall bolster with concerted efforts SISI’s research on related topics to facilitate the transform of Shanghai into an international shipping capital, giving full play to SISI’s function in the transition, namely, as a government think tank and industry players’ decision making advisor.

  • SISI has set up a council composed of production, learning and research institutions in shipping and port industry

  • SISI has fostered a shipping expert committee pooling in their industrial insight and foresight

  • SISI enjoys a real time information release and sharing mechanism based on websites, periodicals and conferences

  • SISI boasts a social practice innovation base for undergraduates and graduates

  • SISI has provided a dozen of internal reference documents and dedicated reports with avant-garde observations to shipping related government authorities

  • SISI dedicates itself to extensive international cooperation with renowned shipping research institutions home and abroad by offering specialist exchange network worldwide

  • SISI compiles and releases regular English and Chinese reports on shipping market analysis, China Shipping Prosperity Index (CSPI), global port development, which have earned us wide acclaim in terms of both media quotation and industrial service