Shanghai Social Science Innovation Research Base and Shanghai Development Strategy Research Institute Working Room

Author:荣达Release Time:2020-12-15View:1318

Shanghai social science innovation research base, Shanghai development strategy research institute studios (Shanghai shipping center construction)( Abbreviated as research base and working room in the following) is led by professor Wang ChuanXu , who is the director of Shipping Management and Logistics Decision Research Institute in Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Shuguang scholars and transportation economy and management doctoral tutor.  They were given boards and established by the Shanghai municipal people's government development research center, Shanghai philosophy social science planning office, respectively.

The main research fields in research base and working room are as follows: shipping management and policy, shipping economy and logistics, shipping finance and investment, etc. The aim is providing decision support for promoting Shanghai Shipping Center development.

The research base and working room now have 22 researchers, including 8 professors , 8 associate professors, 6 lecturer. Research base and working room have established long-term cooperation relationship with maritime economy and logistics center at Erasmus university in the Netherlands , the United Nations World Maritime University, Institute of Transport Study at the University of California, Institute of Transportation Research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Management at the British Liverpool university, the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the Baltic International Maritime Association (BIMCO), and other foreign institutions, and Shanghai Municipal Transportation and Port Authority, Shanghai ZuGeGang Management Committee office, Shanghai Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee, Shanghai Shipping Exchange, China Shipping (Group) Company, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company, and other domestic institutions.  

Research base and working room now take charge the project shipping economy and management information center, which includes shipping management decision laboratories, port logistics system optimization laboratory, shipping economic and financial laboratory, etc. Research base and working room take charge 5 National Natural Science Fund project , 2 National Social Science Fund project, 16 provincial projects, and were awarded Shanghai philosophy social science outstanding achievement prize , Shanghai decision consulting research prize , China port science and technology progress prize, etc., published  works “international shipping market and policy , port cooperation competition and its logistics system,  Shanghai international shipping center in the economic transformation period   and so on. Since November 2009, Research base and working room have submitted 12 research reports to Shanghai government , and 12 reports were adopted by the Shanghai municipal government inner magazine.