Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

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Shanghai college and university First-class discipline (B)  Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering"was approved in September, 2012. With a National Shipping Simulation Engineering Research Center and many laboratories including large-scaled marine engine room simulation centre, marine engine room laboratory proposed by a electrically-controlled two stroke engine, main engine laboratory, the auxiliary machinery laboratory and marine refrigeration laboratory, our discipline of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering has been proved to be a research institution with distinctively shipping characteristics in the fields of mechanical, electrical, thermodynamic, power, automatic control ,ship building and marine material industries. There are 25 members in the team including 11 professors and 14 associate professors, 14 of them have Ph. D, which forms a sustainable academic group.

 The discipline of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering is engaged in the research work of marine material, simulation technology, automation control, energy saving technology, application of sustainable energy and design of ship structure.