Electrical Engineering

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Shanghai college and university First-class discipline (B)(under cultivation) “Electrical Engineering"was approved in September, 2012.The discipline contributes to the advanced technology and application in the field of harbor and marine electrical engineering, as well as the training of R&D people. It also supports Shanghai International Shipping Center with technology and service.The discipline owns a number of research and experimental bases, e.g. the Shipping Technology and Control Engineering Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Transport of PRC, the Ocean Clean Energy Generation Laboratory which is mutual owned by central government and local government, Schneider Electric and Shanghai Maritime University United Laboratory. These research and experimental bases have become the first class platform to face the advanced technology in related industry.

In the research team there are 11 professors, 20 associate professors and researchers, including 8 PhD supervisors, 1 Shuguang Scholar and 3 Scientific Rising-Stars. Quite a number of famous scholars are invited to be the academic advisors of the academic discipline. The discipline is divided as 3 research groups and directions: Electric power conversion of ocean renewable energy and marine power systems; Harbor electric drives control and ship electric propulsion; Harbor and ship facilities measurement, state monitoring and safety control.