Logistics Management and Engineering

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Logistics Management and Engineering is a new academic discipline, which is found in 1997 and became Shanghai Subject Program in 2005. The discipline consists of Postdoctoral Program “Traffic Transportation Engineering”, Doctoral Program “Logistics Management and Engineering” and three Master Programs “Logistics Management and Engineering”, “Purchasing and Supply Chain Management” and “Logistics Engineering”. The discipline also includes two Engineering Research Centers, “Container Supply Chain Technology” found by Ministry of Education and “Shanghai Maritime Logistics Information Technology”.

There have been 64 projects finished in 5 years, including government projects, ministry projects and industry projects. Research funds get up to 95 million, the number of government projects come up to 10, that of Ministry project is 36, and 5 academic books, 137 academic papers, 38 papers indexed by SCI/EI. Furthermore, we have won the second award of National science and technology progress prize, 4 ministry awards and 27 patents. And we have finished many important government high technology programs and cooperated with industry companies in China.

We have 11 professors, 16 associate professors and 20 assistant professors, and formed the academic group of discipline leadership professors, teaching professors and backup research faculty.