Mechanical Design and Theory

Author:系统管理员Release Time:2020-12-15View:94

The subject of Mechanical Design and Theory was designated as Leading Academic Discipline Project of Shanghai Municipal education commission in 2002. Supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and Shanghai Maritime University, the subject has been fully developed, combining production, study and research organically, with modern mechanical design theories and methodology as main direction, and application of port machines and equipments and design of mechatronics control systems as foundation. During the development of the subject, a research and development base was established concentrating on the improvement and innovation in key technologies of modern port machines represented by large port container cranes and rapid application of the research results in the enterprises. The feedback from the enterprises will offer the new study topics and ensure the healthy self-development of the subject. In 2005, developed on the base of the subject, Port Mechatronics Engineering was designated as Shanghai Leading Academic Discipline Project.

The academic level of this subject at home and abroad has been enhanced constantly. During the construction of the subject, 16 books and more than 300 papers were published, with more than 100 papers indexed by SCI, EI and ISTP. The fund raised for scientific research projects has reached 4,960,000 RMB, including 1 national awarded project, 5 provincial and ministerial awarded projects, and 9 patents.

The subject aims to cultivate and introduce elite into the team, and now there are 25 teachers and researchers with PhD or as doctor candidates. During the construction, we value the combination of production, study and research, positively develop and promote the new high-tech products, ensuring the researchers can quickly integrate into the scientific researches.