Industrial Economics

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The discipline was established in 1956. It was granted the right to confer master’s degree in 1986. It became the key discipline of Ministry of Transport in 1997, and was granted the authority to confer doctoral degree in 2006. Current postgraduate offerings within the discipline include the Master of Industrial Economics and the Doctor of Transport Economics and Management. Complemented by a complete subject group in related fields, the discipline now features one-of-the-kind economics discipline focusing on maritime and port industry in universities in China.

In the last five years, our researchers have completed 28 projects with research funds totaling 5.91 million Yuan. The projects include one state-level and 14 ministry/provincial/municipal-level programs. We have published more than 205 academic papers (of which 12 were included by SCI, EI and ISTP) and 20 books.  We have won a variety of academic awards (3 from academic associations, 3 from SMU, 3 from provincial/municipal governments, and 5 from SMU funds for key postgraduate course development). Additionally, one of our courses has been adopted by the Ministry of Education as part of the selected video open class development project in 2012.

Our mission is to provide academic services to shipping development in China. We have long-term cooperation with well-known domestic and international shipping corporations in the aspect of the combination of “production, teaching and research”. We aim to play an irreplaceable role in helping build the international shipping center in Shanghai, in training talents for port and shipping management, and in related scientific researches and consulting services.

Our research team has extensive research and practical experience in the fields of port and shipping economics, and has been acknowledged to be among the top scholars within the related academic fields in China. Our members include 5 professors, 5 associate professors and 7 PhD, which brings our team a significant organizational development, training and education capability well suited to research, innovation and professional services.