University of Portsmouth 3+1 Joint Education Programs (Bachelor’s degree)

Author:荣达Release Time:2020-12-28View:105

The "3+1" Joint Education Program means that the students in the Foreign Languages College of SMU will complete the first three years' undergraduate study at SMU. And then they can apply for one of the following three disciplines, namely, International Trade Logistics and International Communication, International Business Communication, International Trade and Business Communication of University of Portsmouth and then accomplish the last year's undergraduate courses at University of Portsmouth. For those who have successfully accomplished their academic courses, they would obtain Certificates of Bachelor Degree both from SMU and University of Portsmouth.

1. The duration of program: First three years at SMU ;

Final Year (from September to June next year) at University of Portsmouth.

2. Requirements of Admission to University of Portsmouth: Accomplishthe first three years' study at SMU; IELTS score should reach or exceed 6 (with scores of each part not less than 5.5)