University of Plymouth 3+1 Joint Education Programs (Bachelor’s degree)

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The SMU-University of Plymouth "3+1" Joint Education Program is carried out between relevant colleges of SMU and the counterparts of University of Plymouth.The "3+1" Joint Education Program means that the students inthe above colleges of SMU will complete the first three years’ undergraduate study at SMU and then go to the University of Plymouth to study the last year's undergraduate courses. For those who have successfully accomplished their academic courses, they are able to obtain Certificates of Bachelor Degree both from SMU and University of Plymouth.

1. The duration of program: First three years at SMU ;

FinalYear (From September to July of next year) at University of Plymouth.

2.Requirements of Admission to University of Plymouth: Accomplish the first three years'  study at SMU with average score not less than 75 points; IELTS score should reach or exceed 6 (with scores of each part not less than 5.5) .

3. Corresponding colleges and disciplines between SMU and University of Plymouth :


SMU  Colleges


Counterpart  Colleges

Counterpart Disciplines


Transport College

International Shipping Management, Transport Management, Logistics Management

Business School

International  Supply Chain and Shipping Management / Shipping and Logistics


Economics  and Management College

Business  Administration, E-business

Business School

International  Business


Logistics Engineering College

Electrical  Engineering and Intelligent Control (Sino-Holland)

Faculty  of Science and Technology

Electrical & Electronic Engineering


Information Engineering College

Computer  Science and Technology

Faculty  of Science and Technology



Liberal  Arts and Science   College

Industrial  Design, Art Design

Faculty  of Arts

Digital Media  & Animation / TV Arts /