Virtual Regional Ship Energy Efficiency Technology Conference was held in SMU

Author:武凯凯Release Time:2021-01-25View:37

From January 13th to 15th, the Virtual Regional Ship Energy Efficiency Technology Conference was held in SMU. Over 60 representatives from maritime authorities, shipping companies and maritime institutes attended the ceremony. Mr. Shi Xin, Vice President of SMU, Ms. Helen Buni, Senior Officer from IMO, Mr. Soe Naing, Director of Department of Marine Administration, Myanmar delivered speeches at the conference.

In Prof. Shi Xin’s speech, he hopes that the trainees from the Asian maritime countries can take this opportunity to fully exchange research and practical experience in ship greenhouse gas emission reduction and energy efficiency technologies.

Ms. Helen Bunny affirmed the outstanding progress and exemplary role of SMU and MTCC in promoting the green and sustainable development of the maritime industry, and hoped that through this regional training, the capacity building of green shipping governance in Asia will be further improved.

Director Soe Naing said that the Department of Marine Administration, Myanmar actively responded to the call of the IMO to promote the implementation of the global shipping greenhouse gas emission reduction strategy. He appreciated the organizers for providing this learning and exchange opportunity, and hoped that MTCC can provide more technology related to low-carbon shipping to Myanmar.

This training demonstrated the research practice of the Integrated Laboratory of Ship Automation Engine Room and Dual Fuel Engine Laboratory of SMU in improving ship energy efficiency.