BI Norwegian Business School Program

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With 20 000 students, a unique range of study programs and a solid commitment to research, BI is recognized as one of the largest and most productive academic environments in Europe. Established in 1943, BI is the only Norwegian educational institution with triple accreditation, the triple crown status is shared by only 70 business schools worldwide. In 1999, BI received its first international accreditation, EQUIS. During the past few years, BI has climbed on the Financial Times rankings, and is now number 41 on European business school ranking.

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1. Brief introduction to the program

This program is carried out between SMU and BI since 2010. The target students of the program should be the undergraduates from College of Transport and Communications, SMU. After completing the first two years’ undergraduate study at SMU, those students can go to BI to study for one semester. When studying at BI, students can choose 4 courses taught in English (every course is 7.5 European Credit).

2. The duration of the program

From August to December.

3. Requirements of Admission to BI

(1) The students should have completed their first two year’s study at SMU.

(2) Meet the language requirements made by BI.

4. Tuition Fee(TBC)

The tuition fee for applicants from SMU is 41,100 NOK per year, usually the tuition fee should be 36,990 NOK per year.