Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies 2+2 Joint Education Programs (Bachelor's degree)

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Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies is an independent, co-educational four-year liberal arts university. It was founded as Nagasaki College of Foreign Languages on December 1, 1945. The Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies campus is located on a hill with a beautiful view of Togitsu and Omura Bay. Removed from the hustle and bustle of downtown, NUFS offers a peaceful atmosphere that is conductive to education while still remaining close to shopping and entertainment districts.

There are only seven foreign language universities in all of Japan. West of Kansai, there is only one: Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies. Learning a foreign language in Nagasaki is a deeply meaningful and fascinating experience. For hundreds of years, Nagasaki has prospered as a gateway to the world. In particular, it served as a window to Western Civilization during Japan's isolation in the Edo period.

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1. Brief introduction to the program

During the first two years, the students study at College of Foreign Languages in SMU and then go for further education in Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies for the last two years. Permit applications are usually available during the second semester of second year. After four years studying, the students will obtain two degrees, respectively of Shanghai Maritime University and Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies. 

2. The duration of the program

First two years at SMU, last two years at NUFS.

3. Requirements of Admission to NUFS and Tuition Fees.

Please contact College of Foreign Languages for more detailed information about this program.