University of Plymouth 2+2 Joint Education Programs (Bachelor's degree)

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With a mission to be ‘the enterprise university’, Plymouth embodies the spirit of discovery for which the city and region is renowned worldwide. Tracking the roots back more than 150 years to the School of Navigation, the University is committed to the pursuit of academic excellence and to transforming lives by undertaking research that tackles real-world challenges. Also, Plymouth is in the top 10 UK universities under 50 years of age and is ranked in the top 50 of The Sunday Times University Guide.  

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1. Brief introduction to the program

The SMU-UoP 2+2 Joint Education Program is carried out between Shanghai Maritime University and University of Plymouth since 2009. After completing the first two years’ undergraduate study at SMU, students can continue their study at University of Plymouth in the following two years. For those who have successfully accomplished their academic courses, they shall be eligible to be awarded Certificates of Bachelor Degree both by SMU and UoP.

2. The duration of the program

First two years at SMU, last two years at UoP.

3. Requirements of Admission to University of Plymouth.

(1) The students should have completed their first two year’s study at SMU. 

(2) IELTS overall score should reach or exceed 6, with no component below 5.5.

(3) GPA should reach or exceed 2.3.

4. Tuition Fees

The tuition fees of international students are £13,800 per year (2020). Students from SMU could receive 15% discount.

5. Corresponding colleges and disciplines between SMU and UoP.

SMU   Colleges

SMU Disciplines

Counterpart Colleges

Counterpart Disciplines


Xu Beihong Fine Arts   School

Industrial Design


Faculty of Arts and   Humanities

3D DesignProduct Design)/ Digital Media   Design

Visual   Communications Design

Digital   Media Design/ Media Arts/Graphic Communication with Typography/Illustration

(Profolio   is required)


3D   Design/Illustration/Fine Art/Art History/Fine Art & Art History

(Profolio   is required)

College of Arts and   Sciences

Information and   Computing Science; Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Faculty of Science   and Technology

Mathematics/   Mathematics and Statistics/ Mathematics with Theoretical Physics

College of Economics   and Management

Tourism Management



International   Tourism Management