President Lu Jing attended the 8th Annual Meeting of China Shipping 50 Forum

Author:武凯凯Release Time:2021-05-24View:10

On May 19th, the 8th Annual Meeting of China Shipping 50 Forum, co-sponsored by Shanghai Maritime University(SMU), Dalian Maritime University(DMU), China Waterborne Transport Research Institute(WTI), Shanghai Shipping Exchange(SSE) and China Shipping Gazette(CSG), was held in Tianjin. Mr. Lu Jing, President of SMU, Mr. Xu Zuyuan, China's former Vice Minister of Transport and First International Maritime Organization's Maritime Ambassador, Mr. Fei Weijun, Dean of WTI, Mr. Mo Jianhui, President of China Classification Society, Mr. Xu Guoyi, Director of Office of Shanghai Combination Port Administration Committee, Mr. Zhang Ye, President of SSE, Mr. Ni Wei, Director of CSG, and leaders from port and shipping companies attended the meeting.

President Lu Jing expressed his views on how Chinese shipping logistics companies can adapt to the requirements of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality at the meeting. He said that China's shipping logistics enterprises still have obvious shortcomings in green development. In order to avoid the possible operational risks, it is necessary to incorporate greenhouse gas emission reduction into the medium and long-term development planning of enterprises. To reach the goal of low-carbon emissions or carbon-free emissions of ships, the enterprises should continuously promote the refined management of ship energy efficiency and steadily promote the reform of energy structure.

President Lu Jing also introduced SMU's scientific research in recent years in the field of greenhouse gas emission reduction in the shipping industry and ship energy efficiency data analysis, and the practice of promoting the development concepts of green and low-carbon. He said that SMU is willing to work together with port, shipping and logistics companies to meet the opportunities and challenges brought by peaking carbon dioxide emissions and achieving carbon neutrality to the industry.