SMU held Capacity Building Program for Port Facility Security Management and Port Operations for Cambodia and Sri Lanka Online

Author:武凯凯Release Time:2021-12-14View:1531

From December 6th to 10th, Shanghai Maritime University and Maritime Technology Cooperation Center in Asia (MTCC) organized online training courses on port facility security management and port operations for Cambodia, and advanced training courses on port management for Sri Lanka. 25 officials from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia and 35 officials from Sri Lanka Port Authority participated in the program respectively. Mr. Sou Phally, Director of Port Administration Department of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Cambodia, Mr. Sarath Dayananda, Chief Manager of the Sri Lanka Port Authority, Prof. Shi Xin, Vice President of SMU, and the dean of International Education College attended the program.

Prof. Shi Xin delivered a welcome speech at the opening ceremony. He said that due to the undefined demand for maritime transport and the constant update of international maritime conventions, the demand for capacity building in the maritime and port fields is increasing. Relying on the resources of maritime and safety administrations in china and Shanghai International Shipping Center, SMU and MTCC is committed to build a platform for mutual learning and exchange of successful cases for maritime management and the sustainable development of the shipping industry. He hoped that through this capacity building program, exchanges and cooperation with the shipping industries of Cambodia and Sri Lanka will be strengthened.

Mr. Sou Phally, on behalf of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport of the Ministry of Transport of Cambodia, expressedhis sincere gratitude to the training program for providing important technical support to the solution of the critical issue of maritime security in Cambodia, as well as valuable development suggestions for port and maritime development in Cambodia.

Mr. Sarath Dayananda said that, being affected by the epidemic, how to improve port security and operation efficiency and enhance the allocation of port resources poses a great challenge to the operation and management of ports in many countries. Thanks to the courses provided by SMU and the MTCC, so that the trainees could have a comprehensive understanding of the advanced management solutions of Shanghai Port. He hopes to visit the construction of Shanghai Port and witness the development achievements of Shanghai Port after the epidemic ends.

The two training programs are part of the MTCC Belt and Road construction project supported by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The content involves advanced port operation and management, modern maritime services, high-level pilotage services and safety management and implementation of port facilities, etc. The lectures were given by experts from Maritime Safety Administration of the Ministry of Transport of PRC, Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission and relevant port and shipping enterprises and universities.