SMU host the Advanced Program for Maritime Safety Administration in the Post Stage of Covid-19

Author:武凯凯Release Time:2022-05-24View:896

SMU and MTCC Asia has organized the Advanced Program for Maritime Safety Administration in the Post Stage of Covid-19 from May 16th to 20th, 2022, aiming to formulate response strategies and measures for maritime governance in the post-epidemic period. 77 representatives of maritime administrations from Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and other countries participated in the training online and discussed the important challenges and risks faced by maritime management in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Mr. Shi Xin, Vice President of SMU attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech.

Mr. Shi Xin welcomed the participants from all over the world and introduced the development of SMU. He pointed out that the maritime system is an important force to ensure the smooth supply chain of the global shipping industry. Many successful practices should be continued and developed in the maritime management in the post-epidemic era. SMU will continue to provide various maritime technology exchange opportunities for relevant countries. Through this training, he hoped the participants could learn about the latest requirements in maritime safety, environmental protection, sustainable development, etc., and share and exchange the best practices and working experience of maritime management in various countries.

On behalf of the participants, Mr. Srey Sokhdara from the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, Cambodia, expressed his sincere gratitude to SMU and the MTCC Asia for the long-term technical support. He said this program was tailored according to the actual needs of Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries to help maritime authorities do a good job during the epidemic and make policy preparation for the post epidemic period. He hoped to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges in maritime technology with Shanghai.

Mr. Ruanwei, Director of International Office, Dean of the International Education College and Head of MTCC Asia reviewed the common problems and challenges faced by maritime authorities during the epidemic. Representatives from Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration (MSA), Zhejiang MSA, Fujian MSA, Guangdong MSA, Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission and other maritime administrations shared relevant technology application and policy implementation on non-contact supervision & inspection and maritime management practice in port state inspection, inspection of international safety management rules, maritime labor inspection, verification of dangerous goods transportation, application of crew electronic certificate, etc. Representatives from Shanghai and Antwerp looked forward to the new trend of maritime management brought by intelligent shipping, green shipping and efficient shipping in the post epidemic period.