President Lu Jing Attended IAMU AGA22 President’s Forum

Author:丁珊珊Release Time:2022-10-25View:558

IAMU AGA22 President’s forum was held in Georgia National Maritime University from October 19th to 22th. Lu Jing, president of SMU was invited to the president’s forum of this ceremony, and Takeshi Nakazawa, executive director of IAMU chaired this ceremony.

In his speech, president Lu Jing introduced the development of SMU online and indicated that the marine transport industry is developing towards the direction of intelligent, low-carbon and sustainable, Intellectual technology and green technology are widely applied in every field of marine transport industry. At the same time, both marine education and training face a promising future and a variety of challenges, more and more maritime higher education institutions are trying hard to adjust the curriculum structure for integrating the concept of sustainable development into teaching. SMU is preparing for the future development of students, making sure that they not only have knowledge and skills but also have “soft power” to face the global environment and society challenges. He hoped to strengthen cooperation with maritime colleges all over the world through this platform and train high-quality talents jointly for the future of maritime industry.

Takeshi Nakazawa introduced “Global Maritime Talent” system and implementation plan for each stage, hoped that more maritime universities to engage in this system for promoting the development of maritime education, training and research jointly. In the ceremony, presidents from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), California Maritime Academy, Australian Maritime College, Mokpo National Maritime University, Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport engaged in this discussion.

International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU) was founded in 1999, currently its members include 68 world-renowned maritime universities and institutions and it is one of the consultative bodies of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). In 2019, IAMU launched a new maritime education and training program, the Global Maritime Talent Program to improve the knowledge and ability of the graduates of maritime universities and meet the development requirements of talents in the maritime industry.