Vacancies for Foreign Teachers of English

We are looking for two foreign teachers teaching English in our university, Shanghai Maritime University (SMU). Please refer to the detailed requirements of foreign teachers at .

Job Description:

The teachers will work in College of Foreign Languages,SMU,teaching English majors OralEnglish, English Writing, English Listening, Pronunciation, etc.

Job updated: Nov.30, 2017

Application Close date: If you are in your country when you apply for this vacancy,the close day is Feb. 25, 2018; If you are in China and you have got your highest academic degree diplomas's authentication from consular when you apply, the close day is Apr.10,2018.



Job Type:Full time. Contract will be signed on a yearly basis.


- Native English speaker from the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand

- Under 60 years old

-Bachelor Degree holder or higher, preferably Master of Arts in English /Literature /Education /Translation (highest academic degree diplomas must have consular authentication when you has been one of the candidates of SMU)

- TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certificate holder is highly desired (certified by home embassy when you has been one of the candidates of SMU,previous teaching experience not required)

- At least 2 years of teaching experience in English for non-TESOL/TEFL/CELTA certificate-holderor non-major of Education (experience certified by the previous hirer)

- Outgoingand responsible individuals, passionate about teaching


1. 18~20classes per week, each class lasting 45 minutes. Work schedule will be arrangedfrom Monday to Friday, September through January (autumn term), and Marchthrough July (spring term).

2. Organizeweekly English Corner activities, which last for 1.5 hours per week

3. Tutorthe students in preparing for contests such as the Spoken English Contest,English Essay Contest, etc.

1. Salary to be negotiated

2. Free accommodation in a well-equipped two-bedroom apartment on or near campus

3. One free round-trip international flight ticket per year

4. Airport pick-up

5. Medical insurance and life insurance

Contact& Required Documentation:

If you meet our requirements and are interested, please email the following documentationto Ms. Li at and copy this email to Ms. Ding at

- Current resume, stating your nationality of origin and more than 2 years teachingexperience  

- Copy ofthe ID page of your valid passport  

- Copy of your highest degree and other qualifications  

- Currentphoto  

-References with contact information  

Dear International Faculties,

Here are some tips about how to visit or work at Shanghai Maritime University and what you can do after you are here.

First, please find which college or what research areas of SMU you areinterested in. Check here for more information of SMU colleges and schools.


Then you can contact the International Office by email ,and send your CV.

Second, get yourself a visa.

You can come to China with two kinds of Visa, Z(working) visa and F (visiting) Visa.

a)       F Visa (less than 3 months) Application Process

1, After you send your CV and the application form, Shanghai Maritime University will decide whether your application is approved or not.
2, As soon as your application is approved by SMU, we will send you an official invitation letter.

3, After youreceive the invitation letter, you should apply for a visa at the Chinesee mbassy in your country or at your local Chinese consulate.

4, F Visa can't be extended during your legal stay in China.

b)      Z visa (1 year or more) Application Process

1, Overseas teachers who would stay in China for at least one year may apply for Z Visa six months before working here.

2, Send your CV and the application form, Shanghai Maritime University will decide whether your application is approved or not.

3, As soon as your application is approved, send all the required materials to International Office of SMU.

Required Application Materials are:

                        i.             Copy of your valid passport;

                       ii.             Complete and detailed CV and more than 2 years' relevant working experience proof(provided by your previous working company,including your position,working time,company contact information, signment of company's leader and company stamp).

                      iii.             Copy of your highest degree certificate and highest academic degree diplomas must have consular authentication proof.

                     iv.            Certificate of No Criminal Record(Provided by your country of nationality's embassy or police station or court).

                     v.             Copy signed contract;

                     vi.         Copy of applicant's health examination report.(the issuing time is within 6 months).

                    vii.            recent ID photo (within 6 months).

                   viii.       Marriage certificate if your husband/wife comes with you,and copy of his/her valid passport, health examination report .

                  viiii.     Birth Certificate if your child (under 18 years old) comes with you, and his/her valid passports

4, After you receive an invitation letter and a working permit from SMU, you should apply for a visa to China at the Chinese embassy in your country or at your local consulate.