Approved by the Ministry of Education of PRC, SMU hasset up a joint undergraduate program in “Logistics Management” with the Regional Maritime University of Ghana (RMU). Students enrolled in Africa will spend the first 3 years studying at RMU and then the final year at SMU. It is the first overseas degree program at SMU and among the colleges and universities administered by the Shanghai Municipal Government.The number of the first group of students enrolled by the program in 2011 is 42, who attended the opening ceremony at RMU. The second enrollment witnesses asmooth opening in April 2012 with 40 students coming from eight countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Cameron, and Congo etc.

RMU (Regional Maritime University) is co-founded by Ghana, Cameroon, Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and plays an important role in African shipping education. The cooperation between SMU and RMU not only helps to train senior professionals in the West Africanregion in terms of shipping and logistics, but also shows the impact of Chinese higher maritime education on the global maritime education, which is a preliminary attempt to create a new model of the China-Africa cooperation in education.