SMU and Hogeschool Zeeland University of Applied Sciences jointly launched a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Program and an Electric Engineering and Intelligent Control Program, which are undertaken by the Sino-Netherl and Electromechanical Engineering College of SMU. Syllabuses of the two disciplines are made together by SMU and Zeeland University. The teachers are from the two universities, and using foreign teaching materials. The students will complete the first three and half years’ study at SMU and then accomplish the last one and half year's undergraduate courses in Zeeland University. For those who have successfully accomplished their academic courses, they are able to obtain not only a Certificate of Bachelor Degree and a Graduation Certificate from SMU, but also a Course Certificate of Zeeland University. After graduation, they will have the opportunities of being recommended to make further study in Europe or get a job in European corporations.

1. The duration of program: The first three  and half years at SMU,last one and half years at Zeeland University

2. Requirements of Admission to Zeeland University: accomplish the first three and half years study at SMU; IELTS score should be 6.