World Maritime University(WMU) was established in 1983 by the support of International MaritimeOrganization (IMO). It mainly focuses on the postgraduate education. The duration of its postgraduate study is two years, which can be divided into 4 phases. Phase one is studying the preparatory courses which ends with an English testand one must pass it to enter into the next phases. The second and third phases are studying the postgraduate courses. The last phase is writing the thesis (inEnglish). For those who have completed all the courses and passed the thesis defense, they will be granted the Master Degree of International Transport and Logisticsmanagement of WMU.

1.Admission Requirements: Applicants should have a Bachelor Degree (having studied Advanced Mathematics);

Be under the ageof 45 with a good health;

Applicants whose IELTS score is higher than 6.5 or TOEFL scorehigher than 90 can be exempted from the English courses' study of the Phase One.